Hirschmann™ GreenChoice™ products

GreenChoice™: The Right Choice

Hirschmann™ supports its customers’ drive for greener and more sustainable solutions by focusing on reducing the ecological impact of its products.

Some of the key GreenChoice™ products include:


MICE Family

Offering a modular approach to industrial Ethernet, providing scalability, and flexibility, MICE switches are highly flexible and future-proof. Their scalability and flexibility also help to reduce transport and production costs, further reducing CO2 emissions.


OpenRail Family

Rail Switches enable flexible network design, use minimum cabinet space, and can be adapted to meet exact customer specifications – so that we only produce what is really needed – saving resources and avoiding waste.



With the MACH100 and using the modular variants, end devices can be networked together with exactly the right number of copper and fiber ports. They can be used in temperatures between 0°C and 50°C and deliver high quality and durability. Using the latest technologies, these switches are cost-effective and they currently use less than 50% of the energy used by standard office switches.


MACH1000 Family

This rack mounted managed switch features extreme resilience to EMI/RFI. Suited for environments with high electric fields and discharge, such as power and substations as well as railways, these switches are virtually indestructible, even in extremely high ambient temperatures. Hirschmann™ applied the latest technology to dramatically lower their energy use – so they can be used in temperatures of up to 85°C without cooling or air-conditioning.


RSR Family

Rugged RSR Hirschmann™ rail switches with a compact metal housing deliver the right performance where DIN rail switches do not: shock, vibration and temperatures fluctuating between – 40°C and + 85°C. Hirschmann™ has applied the latest technology to dramatically lower their energy use – so they can be used in temperatures of up to 85°C, without cooling or air-conditioning.



The OCTOPUS family of IP67 industrial Ethernet switches provides both a budget priced unmanaged switch, and managed switches with the same functionality as OpenRail, in an IP67 enclosure. OCTOPUS provides a solution for mounting network switchgear in the field in harsh conditions. These switches are suitable for use in Transport (E1), trains (EN 50155) and ships (GL). They can be installed without a rack – so less material is used – saving on CO2 emissions through reduced transportation and production efforts.


BAT Family

The Hirschmann™ BAT Family includes a broad portfolio of Access Points and Clients that work seamlessly together, for maximum mobility, flexibility and network availability. Wireless means saving on cables and raw materials.


MACH4000 Family

MACH4000 is a top of the range network switch with Layer 3 Routing and up to 10Gbps capability. With 48 port capacity in 8 port modules, MACH4000 is the ultimate backbone switch: thanks to their high port density and a highly customised configuration, the 19“rack mount MACH4000 switches use less than 0,0025 Watt per Megabyte routing speed.


GDM Family

Thanks to the special construction of our tulip contacts, we can achieve optimum contact resistance during its lifetime and multiple plug/unplug cycles. Key benefits include higher energy efficiency and reliability. A scheduled redesign will use less plastic - saving materials.