EAGLE20 and EAGLE30 Industrial Firewalls

Multiport industrial firewalls, combined with Hirschmann’s latest operating system, offer advanced security functionality and data inspection within a single device.


Together, the EAGLE20/30 firewalls with Hirschmann Security Operating System (HiSecOS) Software offer a solution capable of securing and protecting an entire industrial Network via strengthened security features. Customers can select from many options to create a device which exactly matches their requirements.

  • Modular and customizable – with various configuration options, the multiport firewalls offer up to eight ports, including Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Symmetrical High-speed Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL).
  • Networkwide security – HiSecOS’s new features, including Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), ensure the integrity of every packet passing through a network and protect the network from malicious intents.
  • Easy to configure – the Firewall Learning Mode (FLM) feature allows for one-click setup to create custom firewall rules for individual network needs.

Your Benefits

The primary advantage of the EAGLE20/30 firewall is the combination of HiSecOS’s advanced security features and the flexibility of the firewall. Eight ports are available per device, including four Fast Ethernet, two Gigabit Ethernet and two SHDSL ports. Security features, including Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Firewall Learning Mode (FLM), ensure the highest level of security for your industrial network.

EAGLE20/30 Firewalls with HiSecOS

The EAGLE20/30 firewalls with built-in HiSecOS software are designed to eliminate the need for multiple routers. The result can be significant savings in both installation time and costs. The advanced cybersecurity features available in the latest release of HiSecOS ensure protection of complex industrial networks in order to increase network uptime.

The multiport industrial firewall has Features designed for use in automobile and machine building environments, process Automation settings, and transportation industries. The flexibility of the EAGLE20/30 devices allows for custom interface options, such as local area network (LAN), SHDSL, and coming in 2016, cellular LTE (4G)/3G interfaces.

The EAGLE20/30 firewall with HiSecOS – and its robust design and hardened housings – is also able to operate in any industrial application, including water and wastewater, food and beverage, general manufacturing, and oil and gas.

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Product Description

The Hirschmann EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402 are multi-port firewalls in convection-cooled, metal DIN rail housings, which support eight total ports.

The multiport EAGLE firewalls are designed to fulfill the requirements of the IEEE 1686 standard, including functions, such as security audit trails and user management with password policies. To exceed these requirements and be prepared for future standards, several secure configuration interfaces are part of the router’s functionality, as is a unique configuration encryption.

The new HiSecOS gives customers a greater level of insight into network traffic. With Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), the intentions of packets passing through the EAGLE20/30 industrial firewalls are evaluated, and based on the configured rules, safe packets are allowed to continue through while unwanted packets are discarded. Customized network rules can be created in no time using the advanced Graphical User Interface available with the device.

Benefits at a Glance

The firewalls, combined with the latest Operating System HiSecOS, brings advanced industrial security functionality into a single networking solution.

  • Availability of multiple ports offers cost savings and flexibility
  • DPI to ensure network packet integrity
  • Easy firewall deployment and one-click rule setup
  • Additional router redundancy protocols, including Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to reduce downtime
  • Support for SHDSL interfaces – allows WAN connectivity using legacy telephone cables
  • Enhanced security, including Ingress Protection and ACL-based counters and filters
  • Simple intrusion detection
  • Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) support for twisted-pair Gigabit cables
  • Meets various standards and approvals
    − Substation: EN 61850-3, IEEE 1613
    − Safety: EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1, EN 61131-2 (Class 1 Equipment)
    − Traffic Controllers: NEMA TS 2
    − Railway: EN 50121-4
    − Radio Equipment: CE, FCC
    – Hazardous Locations: ISA-12.12.-01 Class 1 Div.
  • Cellular LTE functionality (coming in 2016)
  • The Belden Competence Center provides consulting, training, and support for these products

Product Overview

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EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402

Multiple-port firewalls that deliver significant cost savings whilst achieving greater link speeds.

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Multiport industrial firewalls, combined with Hirschmann’s latest operating system, offer advanced security functionality and data inspection within a single device.

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Hirschmann Firewalls, Combined with Latest Operating System, Brings Advanced Industrial Security Functionality into Single Networking Solution

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