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More detailed Information about the interesting technology sector Industrial Ethernet.

Automatic Ring Redundancy Configuration (ARC)

The ARC (Automatic Ring Configuration) is a very easy, fast and safe way to automatically configure an Ethernet Ring therefore reduces the configuration effort and the risk of misconfiguration.


The Tofino Industrial Security Solution is a distributed security solution that quickly and cost-effectively implements cyber security protection within your control network.


EMC-resistant fieldbus communication with seamless media redundancy.

IP65 / IP67

Watertight, dust resistant and shock proofed switches for harsh environments and mobile applications.

Hazardous Locations

Approvals for environments where a risk of explosion may be present.

Authority approvals

Approvals for road- and rail vehicles and ships.

ESD protection

OpenBAT devices also have integrated ESD protection which significantly increases lifetime of the devices. The integration of ESD protection additionally saves installation space and cost.

MiMo (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and Multipath technology

MiMo is one of the technologies featured in the WLAN standard 802.11n. It uses multiple antennas for simultaneous transmission and reception of WLAN signals.

WDS and WLAN Mesh networking

For coverage of WLAN in areas where no Ethernet cable to each Access Point is possible, WDS (Wireless Distribution System) and Mesh networking allow to set up reliable and redundant multi hop topologies.

Fast Roaming and Layer 3 roaming

WLAN clients moving in an area or along a track need to hand over between the Access Points. This roaming procedure leads to short interruption of network communication. Hirschmann™ BAT devices support fast roaming between 50ms and 100ms (depending on the used security scheme).

Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)

Redundancy methods are essential requirements for high-availability Ethernet networks in the industry.
MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol) is a standardized redundancy protocol according to IEC 62439 which provides reconfiguration times up to the single digit millisecond range.