Switch Programing Tool

Switch Programing Tool - the new way to configure unmanaged switches from Hirschmann

Switch Programing Tool_neu

The new generation of Hirschmann`s unmanaged switches – such as SPIDER III Premium Line or OCTOPUS 8TX EEC - come with a USB interface that allows for quick customization of individual port parameters. The easy-to-use Switch Programing Tool makes it easy to generate a configuration file and transfer it to a switch using a USB drive. This free application is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. And it’s portable so it doesn’t require any installation.

In order to document the configuration of a particular switch, the Switch Programming Tool can also export a detailed configuration report in PDF format. Plus, you can download the running configuration of a switch and open it with the Switch Programming Tool so the configuration can be read and edited.

Four Easy Steps to Configure an unmanaged Switch:

  • Use the Switch Programming Tool to configure all switch and port parameters.
  • Save the configuration file to a USB drive.
  • Connect the USB drive to the switch.
  • Power-cycle the switch to transfer and apply the new configuration.

Main functions:

  • Configure unmanaged SPIDER III Premium Line and OCTOPUS 8TX EEC switches.
  • The application generates a configuration file which can be transferred to the device using a USB drive.
  • A PDF report of the configuration can be generated to document the configuration of a particular switch.
  • It is a portable application.
  • Available for Windows and Linux operating systems.