Device Discovery - HiDiscovery

HiDiscovery – the starting point for configuring Hirschmann devices


Hirschmann products are delivered without a default IP address. This ensures that there is no chance of an IP address conflict, which could have a negative impact on a network.

The traditional method for configuring an IP address on a device is to use the serial port. But there will almost certainly be occasions when the correct serial cable is not available. This is where HiDiscovery comes into play.

HiDiscovery will discover all Hirschmann devices on a LAN, even if they do not have an IP address. The “Signal” button will activate a device’s LEDs, so you can see which device you are communicating with. You can then assign IP address information to the device, directly over the Ethernet connection.

HiDiscovery even assists with fault finding, by highlighting devices with duplicate IP addresses.

The HiDiscovery application is free of charge.

Main functions:

  • Assign IP addresses to devices directly over the LAN.
  • Activate a device’s LEDs, to confirm which device you are communicating with.
  • Ping, Telnet, or open a device’s GUI with the click of a button.
  • Detect duplicate IP addresses on Hirschmann devices.

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