Industrial Wireless LAN Solutions

Sure, a lot of people are talking about going wireless. But you’re concerned about security. You’re concerned about reliability. You’re concerned about bringing unknown technology into your industrial environment. You have to wonder if wireless is really worth all this anxiety.

Wireless LAN

In reality, today’s industrial wireless solutions can transform your business. You can actually increase your network security and reduce downtime.

You can integrate wireless and wired components to improve overall system management and efficiency. And you can future-proof your network to ensure that you’re ready for opportunities emerging from the "Industrial Internet of Things" trend.

Industrial Wireless LAN devices with cutting-edge technology.

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BAT Controller Virtual

Operate networks virtually and lower the cost of installation and maintenance significantly with the BAT Controller Virtual, a flexible and scalable software-based router.


OpenBAT Wireless Platform

The OpenBAT family comprises of the BAT-R (IP30) and BAT-F (IP65/67) series of WLAN access points. Both OpenBAT series have entirely new hardware and operate with the most powerful operating system HiLCOS.


BAT450-F Industrial Wireless LAN Access Points

The new BAT450-F industrial wireless LAN access point family features multiple interface configurations and connection options, a ruggedized, compact design and operate with the most powerful operating system HiLCOS.


BAT-C2 WLAN Client and Access Point

The BAT-C2 is particularly compact and can be used as WLAN client and access point simultaneously.


BAT867 Industrial Wireless Access Points

The Hirschmann BAT867 family of access points supports high-speed IEEE 802.11ac data rates, making it the fastest wireless device in Belden’s portfolio.

WALN Controller

Wireless LAN Controller

The BAT Controller WLC can be used for centralized management of large WLAN networks.


BAT Antenna

BAT Antennas

The huge diversity of omnidirectional anntenna, directional antenna, vehicle omni antenna and leaky cable offers the ideal solution for your application.

BAT Antenna Portfolio
Hirschmann changed its BAT Antenna portfolio. See all new devices and previous products in the following comparison chart. Find all details about the new antenna portfolio in the new Antenna Guide.

Wireless Accessories

BAT Overvoltage Protection, Adaptors and Antenna Cables

With BAT accessories and antennas, all components for a complete WLAN installation are available.


WLAN-Software – HiLCOS

WLAN Software Platform – HiLCOS

HiLCOS is the operating system for all Hirschmann BAT devices. It can be used to set up Wide Area Network (WAN) connections and hardware-encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels.

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