Hirschmann Rail Data Diode

Within Ethernet networks, security is paramount, which makes Hirschmann’s new Rail Data Diode an asset to industrial companies that access the public internet to receive critical diagnostic data.

The Hirschmann Rail Data Diode enables constant Ethernet network monitoring and eliminates intruders’ ability to access the control network. This unidirectional network appliance offers reliable protection for Ethernet networks from cyber threats and provides monitoring of outgoing traffic for guaranteed security.

Furthermore, the comprehensive functionality of Hirschmann’s Rail Data Diode makes it easy to explain to the relevant authorities for compliance with high governance standards. This, in turn, streamlines and reduces the turnaround time for approvals and implementation – ensuring overall faster improvements in Ethernet network security and shorter time to market



  • Reliably protect networks from external cyber threats through singular data flow
  • Securely transfer Ethernet data to the public internet without putting the system at risk
  • Easily explain product functionality for simpler governmental approval processes


  • Secure Ethernet ports that are safe from vulnerabilities
  • Quick data transmission speed for timely monitoring
  • Hardware-based device for easy-to-understand operation
  • Standard RJ45 and vibration-proof M12 connectors
  • Redundant voltage supply for greater availability, including 24 VDC, 110 VDC and 110/230 VAC
  • Conformal coating for protection from harsh elements
  • Industry-approved for use onboard trains and along railway tracks

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