OCTOPUS OS24/34 Managed PoE Switches

Industrial engineers can now get twice the Power over Ethernet (PoE) when designing or expanding their networks. The OCTOPUS OS24/34 Managed PoE Switches from Hirschmann are 120-Watt PoE sourcing devices with an extended total power budget, which increases the number of powered network devices connected to the switch.

With internal PoE capability and cabinet-less mounting, the switches require less cabling and are space-saving, economical options for tight, harsh industrial environments, such as onboard or trackside rail settings.

The switches are equipped with various hardware and software features for the best cost efficiency and meet IP65 and IP67 ratings, offering the highest level of flexibility and reliability amidst exposure to shock, vibration, water, dust and extreme temperatures.

Octopus II groß


  • Increase network performance and efficiency with 120-Watt PoE budget
  • Optimize power distribution to end devices with manual PoE management per port
  • Ensure reliability in extreme environments with robust, industry-approved design


  • Power sourcing equipment in accordance with IEEE 802.3at requirements
  • 120-Watt PoE power
  • Manual PoE management per port
  • Electrical or optical Gigabit uplink-ports and Fast Ethernet M12 ports
  • IP65 / IP67 ratings
  • Industry-approved for use onboard and along tracks

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