Magnum DX940e Industrial Cellular Router

The GarrettCom Magnum DX940e is ahead of the game, providing high-density Gigabit Ethernet ports and high-speed Verizon certified 4G/LTE cellular interface for secure remote connectivity across public networks. With advanced cybersecurity and routing capabilities—this compact industrial router offers utmost flexibility and security while ensuring reliable long-distance connections over wired and cellular networks.

The Magnum DX940e features secure routing protocols, serial, and WAN gateway functions and cybersecurity in compliance with NERC CIP standards. It also operates with wide operating temperature range for protection against harsh industrial environments.



  • Achieve optimal connectivity with high-speed Verizon, AT&T and worldwide 4G/LTE cellular interface for secure remote connectivity
  • Use high-end, robust cybersecurity mechanisms with advanced safety features, IP routing and guaranteed network protection with firewall layers
  • Seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructures through up to six highly configurable Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and legacy leased circuits with backward compatibility


  • High-speed all-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, with up to six Gigabit ports
  • Verizon-certified 4G/LTE cellular interface for secure, worldwide remote connectivity
  • T1/E1/DDS or GbE for WAN support; Multiple Gigabit Ethernet and serial ports for LAN
  • NERC-CIP compliant for secure data transfer across public networks
  • RS232 and RS485 protocols-based Serial-to-IP conversion for backward compatibility and interfacing with legacy equipment
  • Enhanced cybersecurity capabilities: SSL/TLS encryption, IPSec-VPN tunneling, Layer 3 Firewall and secure IP routing with advanced RIP, OSPF and BGP features
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

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