Hirschmann SPIDER III PoE Standard Line

SPIDER III PoE Standard Line entry-level rail switches are built on Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) and support more devices on a network with a single power source. The result: a cost-effective solution for fast, reliable data transfer over longer distances. Industrial engineers working in tight operating areas that require reduced cabling can integrate, expand and maintain networks easily by eliminating the need for an external power supply.

This line offers a high level of configurability with flexible port options to meet various data transmission demands. Plus, plug-and-play features enable simple integration of network devices, including IP phone and cameras.

SPIDER III PoE Standard Line switches are built with IP30 protection ratings and a metal enclosure to protect the network from harsh external factors, such as shock, vibration, interference and extreme temperatures.

Spider SL 450x80


  • Increase performance and reduce costs with PoE+ for greater power to more devices, without an external power supply
  • Enable flexible network expansion with configurable fiber and copper port options to meet specific industrial needs
  • Protect network resiliency in harsh environments with metal enclosure, IP30 protection rating and shock, vibration and interference resistance


  • Up to 8 PoE+ ports, each with capacity of 30 W per port, for a total power budget of 120 W
  • Fast and full Gigabit Ethernet variants with jumbo frame support to meet high throughput requirements
  • Offers 5 ports for Fast Ethernet or up to 10 ports for Gigabit Ethernet; including optional fiber-optic ports for fixed single and multimode fibers or small form-factor pluggable (SFP) slots
  • LEDs for monitoring network and device status, including power supply
  • Extended operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C)
  • DIN rail mounting and fast startup via plug-and-play features

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The SPIDER III family of industrial Ethernet switches] offers both Standard and Premium options. Which to use depends on the specific requirements for your application.

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