Optical Bypass Relay OBR40


If network availability is your top priority, the Hirschmann OBR40 optical bypass relay is the perfect solution. Even if the power fails simultaneously on a number of switches, your network, with the exception of the directly affected applications, will continue to be available. The table below will help in narrowing your selection to find the right fiber optic relay for your systems.

  • The network remains operational even when one or more of the switches suffers a power outage
  • The bypass function is guaranteed even when the relay itself is without power
  • The ability to schedule the bridging of system components opens up new possibilities for maintenance and servicing
  • A control contact can be used to trigger the bypass function at will
  • Stepwise adjustable delay guarantees smooth reactivation of switches
  • Two duplex inputs and outputs which are available for three different types of fiber
    - Multimode 62.5/125 μm
    - Multimode 50/125 μm
    - Singlemode 9/125 μm
  • Protection rating IP30
  • Potential-free signal contact
  • Extended operating temperature range -40°C to +70°C
  • DIN rail mechanism
  • Redundant 24V DC power supply
  • LED displays for network status and power supply

Technical Data

Optical Bypass Relay

Standard Ports Port Type Multi-mode Single-mode Topology Operating Temp. Datasheet
Universal 4 4 Optical - 9/125 µm Line -40°C to +70°C Download
Universal 4 5 Optical 50/125 µm - Line -30°C to +70°C Download
Universal 4 6 Optical 62,5/125 µm - Line -30°C to +70°C Download

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